Rhett DeVelay (Clements) (Writer, Composer, Lyricist). Trained as a classical pianist from the age of five, he studied with three of the premiere piano teachers in Los Angeles: Mme. Zlata Fay, Mr. Sergei Tarnowsky, and Mr. Earl Voorhies. Mr. DeVelay studied music theory privately with Dr. Anthony Vazzana at the University of Southern California and attended the California Institute of the Arts where he studied transcription, piano, and theory. In 1987, he enrolled in and completed two UCLA Extension courses in Orchestration. Mr. DeVelay has presently composed over three dozen piano miniatures (1972-1988); the musical score to Moby Dick (1990) based on the classic Herman Melville novel, recorded in 1990; the musical score to the ballet Rappaccini’s Daughter (1994) based on a Nathaniel Hawthorne story, which was staged by Ballet Arts Theatre in Denver Colorado in 1995, recorded in 1994; the book, lyrics and music to the musical Sister Aimee (2003) based on the life of the 1920’s Los Angeles evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson; the book, lyrics and music to the musical adaptation of the book Little Lives (2005) which is about fifteen odd characters in the town of Ft. Edward NY circa 1880 to 1954. His piano compositions have also been used as incidental music for the produced plays The Gingerbread Mouse by Brian Taggert and Trailing Clouds of Glory by Lon D. Groendes. Mr. DeVelay is currently recording the music to Little Lives.

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